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It's 2017 - Time for a new jonwallacedesign brand & website

Jan 01, 2017

We have not been good at keeping our website up to date over the past few years (we've been so busy we have not really had a chance!) - so thought it was about time we gave it a new lick of paint and begin to drop in all the gorgeous recent projects we have delivered for our fab clients.

Introducing the new jonwallacedesign brand

The new brand

Back in 2008 when we launched jonwallacedesign we created a logo without much consideration for how it would age and represent the business in 9 years time... Well, it has stood up to the task very very well and only now have we decided to give ourselves a small brand overhaul to introduce a more simplified and elegant new brand mark to represent the business in a more succinct format.

The evolution of the jonwallacedesign brand mark

The new brand mark is flat, simple and concise - something that scales well for all use-cases, maintaing the colours and typography of the original mark in a new more minimalist and modern aesthetic. To compliment the new minimal branding we have also evolved the typefaces we use which work in unison with the new branding; Catamaran is the main new font which we have decided to adopt as the new brand font - its glorious minimal, sleek and modern appearance really work well with the jonwallacedesign logo mark. We are also using Roboto to give a nice balance to jonwallacedesign branded materials.

Catamaran and Roboto fonts

The website

Following on from the creation of the new brand mark, came the new 2017 jonwallacedesign - digital design studio website. The website had not been changed since 2010 so it really was time to introduce a new website to take advantage of the great advances in browser tech over the past good few years. The new website is sleek and minimal just like the new branding and contains a load of new projects which have been delivered over the past few years.

The responsive nature of the new website allows it to scale and work on all different sized devices - presenting our work and website in a tailored manner to suit each device it is viewed on. We are still massive admirers of MODx and the new website is built from the latest build of MODx Revo which provides us with a massively powerful framework on which we have built out the custom CMS solution to power the website.

If you are looking to modernise your current website and would like to get jonwallacedesign to bring it right up to date then please do get in touch today and we can start planning on how to knock your socks off!

New jonwallacedesign website


Over time we will be adding in some of our more recent projects - so do keep them peeled!

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Let us know by leaving a comment below ;)

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  1. Jim:
    Jan 02, 2017 at 09:41 PM

    Looking slick dubbs. I like it! Look forward to seeing the new projects once you get them added in too!

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