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Deep Blue Sky .net magazine advert

Deep Blue Sky print ad


Stunning glossy magazine advert design for Deep Blue Sky's online app printed in .net magazine

Deep Blue Sky's fantastic online web app '' was to be heavily featured in the November 2010 edition of .net Magazine and as part of this, a full page advert was made available in the magazine for Deep Blue Sky to advertise to their customer base. The guys at Deep Blue Sky came to jonwallacedesign - digital design studio with a simple brief to create a drop-dead gorgeous press ad that would attract everyone's attention and help celebrate their invention of

Deep Blue Sky .net magazine advert

The press ad jonwallacedesign - digital design studio created nailed the brief… a "stop-em-in-their-tracks" gorgeous design, which managed to cross-brand between and Deep Blue Sky whilst giving enough information to encourage the reader to pick up the phone or go online to find out more. The design featured the branded 'Deep Blue Skies' background created earlier in the year as well as other elements created for previous brand identity jobs, while the hero of the ad was a heavily artworked lightbulb laid into the lighting streaks effect on the background element - a real attention grabber!

*** UPDATE - 31/10/2011 ***

Following the success of this advert in .net magazine, Deep Blue Sky recently commissioned jonwallacedesign - digital design studio to create a new version of this advert to take a full page in the massivly popular Metro newspaper.

Deep Blue Sky .net magazine advert
Deep Blue Sky .net magazine advert


jonwallacedesign - digital design studio have helped us at Deep Blue Sky with some of our internal branding and print design work. We love having an outside-eye on these projects to make sure everything stays on-brand and gorgeous to look at. Jon is a great guy to work with. Work is always of the very highest quality, delivered on-time and to budget every time. We will continue to work with Jon for a long time to come!

Jim Morrison Managing Director, Deep Blue Sky

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