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High Level Software animated overview video

High Level Software Overview video


Design and creation of animated High Level Software system overview video

High Level Software is a leader in the hotelier software solutions industry - their application allows hotel owners to run their entire business through the software solution - saving them time and money! At jonwallacedesign we regularly provide marketing for High Level and suggested we might help sum up the entire High Level Software offering into a neat little animated video which could be placed on the website and used in presentations / other marketing. Rhys and the team were very interested and we began drawing up a storyboard of how the video could unfold, sketching out all the key scenes in the video which would document all the features and benefits of using the High Level system.

With the concept and storyboard approved we moved into the design and animation stage of the video creation where we took the storyboard and began to design the video in scene by scene format featuring the High Level brand, designing new graphical elements to help depict the various features and benefits the video covered.



Once the key design scenes had been created, we began animating the graphical elements and text in HD format to create a compelling, fast-paced overview summary of how High Level Software could help run your hotel in a more effective and efficient manner. The video flows seamlessly from scene to scene with subtle elements of animation occuring at all times. Once all the features and benefits have been displayed there are a few short client testimonials to give the viewer even more reason to get onboard with High Level! The last stage of the video creation was to add a suitable background audio track to further enhance the impact of the video. The video has worked really well to help communicate the system offering to potential new customers.

High Level Software animated overview video
High Level Software animated overview video

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