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Modelling shots, family portraits, weddings, parties and anything else - Website design for Sapphire Studios photography

Sapphire Studios; a premium photography studio based in Guildford wanted to try out a new email marketing strategy using bespoke-designed offer emails which would link directly into bespoke campaign website landing pages. These website landing pages contained further details about the email offer and enabled the email recipients to enter a free prize draw as well as take part in the marketing campaign/offer. jonwallacedesign – digital design studio were asked to design both the emails and the custom website landing pages.

Working with the Digital Parent Company, jonwallacedesign – digital design studio took the supplied wireframes and helped flesh out how the content could best work in the various landing pages. We then began designing the campaign offer website templates. The suite of templates had to appeal to a wide range of Sapphire Studios customers; the base template therefore had to be easily adaptable to suit each of the target demographics, allowing for personalisation and subtle changes in styling and content to suit each use case.

Sapphire Studios website detail page
Sapphire Studios website detail page

 Note - this project was created whilst under contract with the Artwork Agency.

We use jonwallacedesign - digital design studio for the design and front-end development work for many of our digital projects and I have to say that Jon is not only one of the best all-round digital designers in the UK, but he really understands the myriad of issues regarding usability and implementation for mobile, online advertising, email, as well as the more commonplace websites. It's refreshing to work with a business who can interpret a brief and set of wireframes and deliver exactly what is required every time.

Graham Darracott Joint Managing Director, Artwork Agency

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