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Vdiact it website

Vidiact it website


Sumptuous design and front-end prototype development of new online app/tool to manage your Vidiactive account; Vidiact it

Vidiact it is the fabulous application that allows one to watch web video directly on your TV. Vidiactive (the parent company who created Vidiact it) needed a marketing site to help promote the new service and the site also needed to allow signed up users to login and use the online app to augment their set-top-box experience (managing things like playlists and content to watch for example). The site had a large list of clearly defined objectives in terms of both marketing and UI functions that users must be able to perform to manage the content on their Vidiact it set-top-box.

Vidiact it website

The website/online app that jonwallacedesign - digital design studio created uses a glossy, aesthetic finish over a hugely functional and practical UI. The site enables existing Vidiact it users to login and easily manage all the content on their set-top-box, find new content, delete content, manage content between multiple boxes, create and organise playlists of content and encourage others to join the service. jonwallacedesign - digital design studio's involvement in the project was to design and create the front-end web development templates, which could then be taken in-house at Vidiactive to build out the functionality and hook into the existing web technologies used by the core Vidiact it platform.

Vidiact it website
Vidiact it website

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